About our Intelligence Tests

Our Intelligence tests evaluate different cognitive abilities such as inductive and deductive reasoning, logical thinking, spatial intelligence, verbal and mathematical skills, memory, and concentration.

The tests are divided according to the main skill being evaluated. However, intelligence is highly complex and all skills are interrelated. This means that even if a test targets a specific skill, there are other intelligence skills being evaluated at the same time.

The combination of skills being evaluated varies depending on the test. For example, the 3D Spatial Deductive Reasoning and the Verbal Reasoning with Syllogisms tests are designed to primarily evaluate deductive reasoning. However, while the first places great emphasis also on spatial intelligence, the second has a greater component of verbal skills.

Have fun trying out different tests and discovering what are your strongest and weakest skills!

The results

Our Intelligence tests are 100% free. You can test your skills and receive your results immediately, completely free of charge.

Our revenue comes from the publicity shown on our webpage. We do not sell your data and we do not tamper with the results in any way to make them more appealing and increase page views. With our intelligence tests, you can be certain that only your skills are being evaluated and there is no business play behind it.

Our tests have been reviewed by professional psychologists and the results are calculated solely based on your performance. Regardless, you should remember that all intelligence test results are an estimation. Even if you have all the required skills, factors such as the environment you are taking the test in or even how well you can perceive the images on your device, for example, can still influence your results.

Therefore, do not despair if your score was not what you were expecting. Just give it another go in a more suitable moment and you might be surprised by how little details like these can have such a big influence.

Our lead researcher

Helena Martins is a Researcher and Professor in the area of Human Resources Management. She has trained in the field of Psychology as well as Management and currently lectures in Lisbon, Portugal. Her research and teaching interests are the development of soft skills for crisis and change situations where solid psychological assessment is key as a starting point for efficacious interventions.

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