Deductive Reasoning Tests

The mental process of making inferences that are logical - is a central cognitive process and a major component of intelligence.

Inductive Reasoning Tests

Provide a fundamental basis for understanding regularities of knowledge and generating concepts and categories in our daily life.

Memory Tests

Analyze the cognitive ability to store and recall information when performing abstract reasoning and decision-making tasks.


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Highlighted tests

Logical Reasoning Test

Evaluates the ability to understand the logical relation between three different terms and the ability to transpose such relation to a diagram.

Number Series Test

Evaluates inductive reasoning. You will be given a number sequence and must detect the unspecified rule behind it to find the next number that completes the sequence.

Figure Series Test

Tests inductive reasoning and one’s ability to perceive and understand the unstated logical rules governing a sequence.

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What is Intelligence?

Intelligence is an abstract and multidimensional concept. Even after decades of study, there is still no concrete definition of intelligence as it is hard to encompass all its different aspects in one clear explanation.

Due to its complexity, instead of a single definition, intelligence is often explained through the capacities it entails. As such, intelligence is the capacity to perceive and retain information and to apply said knowledge. It encompasses reasoning, problem-solving skills, logic, learning, emotional knowledge, abstraction, creativity, memory, among other mental skills.

These skills do not exist separately. They are intrinsically related and interact directly and indirectly with one another in the process of thinking.

Types of Intelligence

The theory of multiple intelligences put forward by the American psychologist Howard Gardner in 1983 has been gaining track on the scientific community as it explains why some people process information in different ways. 

For example, both lawyers and mathematicians have good problem-solving skills, but they derive from different intelligences. While lawyers base their problem-solving skills on verbal intelligence, mathematicians base theirs on a logical-mathematical one.

Although intelligence can be broken down into more or fewer types depending on the researcher behind the study, there are 8 types of intelligence that stand out as the most widely accepted. 


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