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The tests below are designed to evaluate different intelligence skills, including memory, deductive and inductive reasoning, spatial intelligence, logical thinking, mathematical and verbal skills, and concentration.
Intelligence, as a global concept, is the result of the combination of these different skills and abilities. Each intelligence skill is not isolated per se. They are intertwined to a smaller or larger degree, and the development or underdevelopment of one can directly affect the others.
Take the following tests and have fun discovering more about yourself, your mind, and your intelligence.

Deductive Reasoning Tests

3D Spatial Deductive Reasoning Test
This test analyses one’s ability to create a mental image of a given object and the ability to analyze said object to understand how its outlook might change when seen from different angles.
Mechanical Deductive Reasoning Test
Tests the ability to reason and to create mental simulations to evaluate physical events, by taking into consideration factors such as the direction of motion, relative speed and relative mass.
Verbal Reasoning Test with Syllogisms
Evaluates verbal reasoning, deductive thinking skills and critical thinking. You will be given two statements per question and must draw a logical conclusion from them.
Deductive Reasoning Test with Figures
This test evaluates the ability to understand the rules governing a Latin Square and the necessary deductive reasoning required to fill the cells and find the positioning of each figure.
Anagrams Test
Evaluates problem-solving and verbal skills. Test-takers will face a problem (random sets of letters) and will have to solve it by detecting which sets can be reordered to create English words.
Deductive Reasoning Test with Numbers
Assesses the necessary deductive reasoning skills required to understand and complete a Latin Square as well as the ability to work with abstract non-symbolic numerical representations.

Inductive Reasoning Tests

Figure Series Test
Tests inductive reasoning and one’s ability to perceive and understand the unstated logical rules governing a sequence.
Verbal Reasoning Test
Evaluates inductive reasoning and verbal skills. You will be given short texts that you will have to read and interpret to then demonstrate that you understand the information conveyed.
Abstract Reasoning Test
This test assesses the ability to combine inductive and deductive reasoning to find the hidden patterns or logical thinking processes behind a series of figures.
Logical Reasoning Test
Evaluates the ability to understand the logical relation between three different terms and the ability to transpose such relation to a diagram.
Number Series Test
Evaluates inductive reasoning. You will be given a number sequence and must detect the unspecified rule behind it to find the next number that completes the sequence.

Memory Tests

Icon Sequence Memory Test
Evaluates memory and concentration skills. Test-takers will be shown a sequence of icons in quick succession and must then recall which icons were shown.
Visual Memory Test
This test evaluates visual memory and concentration. A grid partially colored will be shown for five seconds and the test-takers will then be asked to point out the position of the colored cells.

Other Tests

Chimp Test
This memory test assesses the working memory of numerals. It is inspired by a test applied to chimpanzees, in which the apes performed better than humans.
Concrete Reasoning Test (Pierre Goguelin)
Assesses the ability to interpret, understand, and process literal information. The test-takers will be asked to determine the contents of different boxes based on the information provided.
D70 Test
This test assesses general intelligence, with particular emphasis on abstract reasoning and the ability to understand the relationship between different elements.
Face Memory Test
Assesses the ability to recognize and memorize faces using a sequence of photos of individuals with different facial expressions, hairstyles, and clothing.
Reaction Time Test
Mental chronometry test. It assesses the reaction time of the test-takers to a stimulus.
Vocabulary Test with Synonyms
This test evaluates verbal knowledge, a good indicator and precursor of other intelligence skills such as memory and reasoning speed. You will be asked to select all possible synonyms for the given words.