Other Tests

This category compiles intelligence tests that do not place a specific emphasis on the evaluation of memory skills, and deductive and inductive reasoning.

The tests here present may be designed to evaluate a wider scope of intelligence skills without focusing on one in particular. They can also be designed to test a specific set of skills (such as verbal knowledge) that do not fall under deductive/inductive reasoning or memory skills.

Chimp Test
This memory test assesses the working memory of numerals. It is inspired by a test applied to chimpanzees, in which the apes performed better than humans.
Concrete Reasoning Test (Pierre Goguelin)
Assesses the ability to interpret, understand, and process literal information. The test-takers will be asked to determine the contents of different boxes based on the information provided.
D70 Test
This test assesses general intelligence, with particular emphasis on abstract reasoning and the ability to understand the relationship between different elements.
Face Memory Test
Assesses the ability to recognize and memorize faces using a sequence of photos of individuals with different facial expressions, hairstyles, and clothing.
Reaction Time Test
Mental chronometry test. It assesses the reaction time of the test-takers to a stimulus.
Vocabulary Test with Synonyms
This test evaluates verbal knowledge, a good indicator and precursor of other intelligence skills such as memory and reasoning speed. You will be asked to select all possible synonyms for the given words.