Deductive Reasoning Test with Figures

Although not sporting numbers per se, this test assesses numeric abstraction deductive thinking.

Abstract non-symbolic numerical representations are important in assessing IQ because they can provide the evolutionary and developmental foundation to mathematical thinking1.


Latin Squares follow two important rules:

1. Each column and row must contain one symbol of each kind.
2. Each column and row cannot contain repeated symbols.

For each question, you will be shown a 4 x 4 Latin Square, partially completed with symbols. One cell will have a question mark on it. 

You must select the option with the symbol that should replace the question mark. 


This test is designed as an entertaining and educational tool. The results do not constitute a psychological or psychiatric evaluation of any kind and may not offer an accurate portrait of the mental fitness of the test taker. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the results and these should not be used as an indicator of the capacities of the individual for a specific purpose.
Responses may be recorded and used for research purposes or to be otherwise distributed. All responses are recorded anonymously. 


1 Cantlon, J., Cordes, S., Libertus, M. & Brannon, E. (2002). Numerical abstraction: It ain’t broke. Behavioral and Brain Sciences. 23 (3/4), 331-332.