Anagrams Test

Anagrams are commonly used as a way to assess problem-solving abilities. They are so-called goal-driven tasks that cannot be solved in a single step, which equates to problem-solving as the search for a path through the problem space1.

Good performance in solving anagrams has been linked to creativity2, which is not surprising since that innovative solutions seem often to result from the selective combination of apparently unrelated elements3.


This Anagrams Test consists of 10 questions in total. In each question, you will see 18 sets of letters, some of which are anagrams and can be reordered to form English words. 

You must select all the sets that can be unscrambled into existing words. Each question contains up to 6 anagrams.

Example: ENW is an anagram for NEW and RCA is an anagram for CAR. Both options should be selected.


This test is designed as an entertaining and educational tool. The results do not constitute a psychological or psychiatric evaluation of any kind and may not offer an accurate portrait of the mental fitness of the test taker. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the results and these should not be used as an indicator of the capacities of the individual for a specific purpose.
Responses may be recorded and used for research purposes or to be otherwise distributed. All responses are recorded anonymously. 


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